Everyone that worked there treated me with respect. I took my car in for an over-due oil change & found out there wasn't any oil left in my car. The man I assume was the manager, because he's been there since I can remember them opening, pulled me aside to show me the filters in my car that also needed attention. He told me since there wasn't any oil left, they needed to do an engine flush, & change the filter & the air filter as well. The filters both looked extremely worn out. He didn't try to up sell me on anything. Also told me my transmission fluid needed attention too, but could wait considering the other things going on with my car as well.. It was the first place I had gone to in a long time where they didn't treat me like some dumb woman & try to get me buy something I didn't need. I walked out of there feeling confident that my oil had been changed, engine had been flushed, to which he told me that it cleaned up pretty nicely. It was a very good experience, & will definitely be taking my car back for the transmission fluid & anything else my car needs attention on. The wait time wasn't long, & unlike Walmarts tire & lube, they acknowledged me with in minutes of pulling into their drive way. Moving to Dallas, it was difficult to get back to Joshua for my car needs, but that 45 minute drive was well worth it. I won't be taking my car anywhere else, unless recommend by this company. Thank you Joshua Lube & Tune! You've always been helpful the moment you opened your doors...:) keep up the good work!


Went in for an oil change and got the same sort of spiel. Filters are dirty, needs this and that to the tune of about $80+ over the usual oil change price. I, on the other hand saw no one I recognised and I have been using them since they opened their doors. It was busy and every customer I saw while waiting for my vehicle was approached with an additional 'little problem'. Has something changed ? New owner or management maybe? Made me uncomfortable and am taking my business elsewhere.

Thank you for posting the review. We appreciate your opinion and that's what makes us improve. Our job when you come in for full service oil change, is to check all fluids and filters condition and let you know about it so you can keep up with the normal maintenance schedule recommend by the manufacturer. Doing any service or changing any filter is totally up to you. We greatly appreciate your business and hate to see you not satisfied. Please give us a call at 469-233-1030 to resolve the issue.

- Joshua Lube and Tune

Great place. It's old school -- a great place to take your car. Service is friendly and they didn't take advantage of me. Good experience.